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Rice Trade Agreement1On October 21, 2009, a contract was signed between Col. (ENB) Rodolfo Marco Torres, President of the corporation La Corporación de Abastecimiento y Servicios Agrícolas (LA CASA) and Mr. Jagnarine Singh, General Director of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), at the office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Guyana, with the participation of Minister Robert Persaud, for the purchase of 50,000 MT of rice, for which Guyana will receive the sum of U.S. $ 18.8 million that would enable the country to meet with the demands of small producers. For this commercial transaction the Mechanism for Compensation was invoked under the "PETROCARIBE Energy Cooperation Agreement".

A chronogram of 11 shipments was prepared, which on November 21, 2009 gave initiation to the first major trade agreement between Venezuela and Guyana.

During the Official Visit of President Bharrat Jagdeo to Venezuela in July 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of People's Power for Food and the Ministry of Agriculture of Guyana, where it was agreed to export to Venezuela from Guyana an amount of 50,000 MT tons of paddy and 20,000 MT of white rice. This contract is valid for a period of one year, renewable by mutual agreement.

In April 2011, the GRDB and the corporation CASA agreed on new orders for the purchase of Guyanese rice, this time amounting to 50,000 MT tons of paddy and 30,000 MT of white rice.


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