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The People's Power Ministry for Foreign Affairs informs that today, June 18th, 2018, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, represented by a delegation headed by the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez Gomez, accompanied by the Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza Montserrat, ha attended the meeting convened by the President of the International Court of Justice, Mr. Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, in connection with the unilateral suit filed by the Cooperative Republic of Guyana agath the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on Guayana Esequiba.

The Venezuelan delegation, upon presenting its respects for such an honourable international justice body, has communicated to the President of the Court, through a letter signed by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros, the sovereign decision of Venezuela of not taking part in the action that has been unilaterally filed by our neighbouring country without Venezuela's consent.

This decision, duly informed to the lntemational Court of Justice, is consistent with Venezuela's historical position of not recognising the jurisdiction of such international judicial body -in no case- and much less to settle this controversy where Venezuela shall make all efforts to defend its legitimate rights to the Guayana Esequiba.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela dwelled the occasion to reiterate to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana the invitation to resume the good faith negotiations with the broadest, most sincere and best willingness to reach a settlement which may be practical and satisfactory for both Parties, as intended by the 1966 Geneva Agreement.

With the Bolivarian spirituality that our Liberator Simón Bolivar anticipated for the world, and with the peace diplomacy expressed in diversity, respect, fraternity, solidarity and cooperation, we shall achieved that integration and prosperity, so well-deserved by our America, may become bastions and overcome forever the consequences of the imperial plunders of the past as a gift for the future and dignity of all our peoples.

Caracas, June 18", 2018

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