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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 16:08
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"A whole new world is opening up for Venezuela thanks to Trump's sanctions," the South American leader said.

During one of his latest televised state address, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, scoffed at Trump's constant references about Venezuela and Maduro, and credited the U.S. president for "making him famous."

"It's an honor that the head of the empire mentions me every day," the Venezuelan president, who just returned from his trip to Russia, Belarus and Turkey said.

"He has made me famous around the world. Every time he mentions me, they love me more," Maduro added, saying Trump's hostility has helped him forge relations with the countries that have frayed relations with Washington.

"Donald Trump has become the head of the Venezuelan opposition," the 54-year-old head of the Latin American country said.

"A whole new world is opening up for Venezuela thanks to Trump's sanctions," referring to the U.S-imposed sanctions that seek to topple Venezuela's socialist government.

Trump's sanctions against the Latin American country include financial sanctions issued late in August, which restrict U.S. financial institutions from lending money to Venezuela, and its state oil company, PDVSA. The sanctions also impact Venezuelan oil giant's U.S. subsidiary, Citgo, which is a major contributor to Venezuela's reserves and foreign currency.

Maduro said he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin where he discussed the possibility of trading Venezuelan oil in rubles because of the U.S. financial sanctions. The Venezuelan head is also planning to move the country's commercial transactions to euros, yen and rupees.

In September, the Venezuelan officials were also restricted to travel to the United States as part of Trump's travel ban, affecting members of Venezuela's state security, law enforcement, and migration functions and the immediate family members of these officials from entering the United States.

On Oct. 15, Maduro's government faces off with Venezuela's opposition in elections for state governors, despite repeated opposition assertions that the country is living under a 'dictatorship.'


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