Venezuela Embassy in Guyana
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The Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Guyana performs the following activities:

  • Promoting Venezuelan exportable offer, investments and tourist destination opportunities; securing the diversification of the Venezuelan economy and presenting an appropriate introduction internationally so as to enhance productive commercial interchange.
  • The protection of Venezuelan economic and commercial interests before the pertinent instances of Guyana.
  • Providing the Venezuelan public and private entities with essential information for a better knowledge of the economy and business world in Guyana.
  • Contribute to a better "interrelation", "synergies" and reciprocal knowledge of the Venezuelan trade with that of Guyana, in order to obtain a strategic business alliance that will create employment, economic complementarities and a fair commerce, emphasizing on the integration of the Latin American Caribbean and South-South cooperation, also to connect the business community interested in investing within both countries (Venezuela/Guyana), especially in those sectors considered as priorities by the National Executive.
  • • Actively collaborate and serve as a bridge between the respective chambers of commerce with the objective of working together as one.
  • Inform the Venezuelan public and private Institutions of the activities and actions carried out by this Diplomatic Mission within the ambit of promoting trade and investment.
  • Provide Venezuelan goods and services in Guyana by means of actions of commercial intelligence.
  • Devise workplans for Venezuelan businesses that will visit Guyana, organize commercial and business missions also expositions and trade fairs.
  • Assist Venezuela's Foreign Commercial Bank – BANCOEX – (abbreviated in Spanish), with the organization of the Venezuela Guyana Round of Business, as well as with the circulation of BANCOEX´s financial instruments to the services of importers of Venezuelan good and services.
  • Define and execute annual workplans, with specific goals and objectives with the perspective of promoting trade, tourism and investments.


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