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TorioThe President of the Venezuelan Nu-clear Society (SNV), Leancy Clemente, assured that Venezuela is among the first places in the world with largest reserves of an extremely important mineral called Thorium, which is useful for the electronics industry, one of the spearheads of the development of the world economic system and also as a very powerful source of energy.

Clemente explained that one kilo-gram of this element is equivalent to about 3 thousand tons of oil, and for the said specialist, reserves of that mineral in the country could be used in nuclear reactors for at least 300 years.

This mineral is 90% more powerful than all the energy that Uranium produces in a nuclear explosion and could be a raw material for the global arms industry. "Venezuela could be ranked in fifth place in the world with higher reserves of thorium," said Clemente.

The question is whether the presence of this mineral in the national territory is part of the interests of the United States over our country, where not only the most important oil reserves have been proven, but also elements such as coltan and now thorium.

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