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Agregaduria MilitarMilitary, Naval and Air Attachment of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


The Military Attachment in Guyana has the mission of contributing to the strengthening of the Bilateral Relations in the Military environment with Diplomatic appearances to assist in the fulfillment of the constitutional mandate contemplated in the article No. 328 of our constitution and advice the Leader of the Venezuelan Diplomatic Mission y matters that are relative to our National Armed Forces and/or the National Defense.

Military Attaché of the Military Attachment

  1. Contribute to closer relations with countries that are accredited and in particular, with its armed forces
  2. Advising the head of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission, on matters relating to the armed forces or National Defense.
  3. Advise and cooperate with the Venezuelan military transit or study mission to the country where it is accredited.
  4. Allow military personnel assigned to the Defense Attaché, Military and International Organizations in the country where they are accredited, the temporary permits, holiday or vacation to travel to another country, including Venezuela.
  5. Authorize the Venezuelan Military Studies in Mission in the country where it is accredited, temporary permits, permits for vacation or travel to other countries including Venezuela, and must report back to the Education Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Component on this authorization. In countries where no officer is accredited addition, military personnel in mission studies, apply to the Venezuelan diplomatic representative, who shall notify the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the request.
  6. Attending the ceremonies, visits and tours, to which they have been invited.
  7. Participate in maneuvers, exercises and military conferences, timely approval of the Ministry of Defense.
  8. Making representations to government departments in the country where they are accredited, on mutual assistance of the armed forces of both countries.
  9. Making representations to government departments in the country where they are accredited, relating to reciprocal medical care of military personnel Attaché and their immediate families.
  10. Ensuring the administrative functioning of the respective Military Attachment.
  11. To ensure the prestige of Venezuela, particularly its armed forces.
  12. Proceed according to the norms for aggregates, attachments and heads of mission of the armed forces to the ambassadors accredited to the Guyanese Government.

Assistant of the Military Attachment

  1. Assist the Military Attaché in all acts relating to the service.
  2. Keep updated the agenda of the Military Attaché.
  3. Ensure that the mails are received respectively by the Military Attaché the then proportionate the instruction, and verify that they are fulfill by the secretary.
  4. Monitor incoming and outgoing books for official documentation.
  5. Check daily after coordination with the Secretary e-mail, voice mail or other means by which correspondence or information comes to the Military Attachment.
  6. Ensure the maintenance of facilities in general and vehicles assigned to the military attachment.
  7. In the case of presidential visit will be in charge of the PAV.
  8. Keep accounts of expenses of operation and budget of the Military Attachment under the supervision of the Military Attaché.
  9. Other service functions appointed by the Military Attaché.

Secretary of the Military Attachment

  1. Maintain the correspondence of the Military Attaché of Venezuela.
  2. Keeping the staff that is on a diplomatic mission and mission studies updated.
  3. Send weekly news and part number to the Embassy of Venezuela in Guyana and the Ministry of Defense of Venezuela.
  4. Will be responsible for managing the files of the Military Attachment of Venezuela.
  5. Maintain the headquarters of the Venezuela's Military Attachment in perfect presentation.
  6. Other service functions appointed by the Military Attaché.


Agregaduria Militar Organigrama2

Military Personnel:

Mayor Carlos Roberto Fernandez Lizardi, Tel: (592) 677-1553,

SM2DA Jose Domingo Romero Rodriguez Tel: (592) 668-9667,

Contact Information:

Military Atachement of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Address: 296 Thomas Street, Cummingsburg, Guyana

Tel: (592) 226-0841

Fax: (592) 225-6523

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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