Venezuela Embassy in Guyana
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General Objectives of the Administrative Section:

To administrate, control and dedicate all efforts for the fulfillment and achievement of the objectives established by this Diplomatic Mission, in Budgetary and Administrative matters based on the principles of honesty, participation, swiftness, efficacy, efficiency, transparency, rendering of accounts and responsibility in the fulfillment of the Public Function, with a strict regards to the laws and all other regulations and instructions that governs the fair performance and realization of the activities assigned, with the objective of fulfilling and guaranteeing the use of the financial resources resulted from the materialization and execution of the Budgetary allocation.

Functions of the Administrative Section:

  1. The administration and control of resources assigned.
  2. The elaboration of Operations Expenditure and Personnel Expenditure Reports.
  3. Monthly Budgetary Execution.
  4. Bank reconciliation.
  5. Book Keeping.
  6. Monthly control and payment of payroll.
  7. Management report on the objectives and goals executed every three months.
  8. Budgetary modifications and proceedings of additional credits according to the proposed objectives.
  9. The elaboration of budgetary drafts for the year 2009.
  10. Payment and Registration of suppliers.
  11. Elaboration of work contracts for the local employees working at the Embassy.
  12. Control and supply of material resources for the operation of the Embassy, Official Residence and the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation
  13. Through control of the National properties of this Mission.
  14. Refund of remaining funds to the BCV and closure of the respective financial year.


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