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Relaciones Bilaterales Visita de Guyana a Venezuela

In view of the new political reality in Latin America with its profound process of social transformation. In view of the structural crisis of the hegemonic centers of power and the European economic crisis. In short before the failure of economic neoliberalism, we raise the flags of complementary and solidary integration as an alternative.

We have placed our main comparative and competitive advantage, the oil, at the service of governments and peoples who want to move forward in this integration with Bolivarian seal to break the asymmetries and advance in the construction of a multipolar world.

With these precepts as a fundamental orientation, during the last 4 years, we have built a new bilateral relationship with Guyana, where harmonious cooperation, productive and solidary economic exchange, cultural exchange and permanent dialogue in search for consensus, prevail.

Today, the Guyana-Venezuela bilateral agenda covers a wide range of issues, agreements, projects and programs of cooperation, among which we can highlight: The supply of gasoline, diesel and asphalt (during the last 4 years), under conditions of absolute solidarity under the framework of the Petrocaribe Energy Agreement (which is currently in the process of adjustment for a more solid operation and where more attention is being placed on social programs); the Road Link Project between our countries; the construction of the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Homeless Persons, which has the capacity of attending 300 persons, for which the ALBA-Caribe Fund has already transferred to the Government of Guyana the sum of 2 million U.S. dollars; the Agreement for the Commercialization of Rice for which in this first crop of the year, it is contemplated to export to Venezuela 80,000 tons for an amount of 48 million U.S. dollars, with which we wish to help improve the conditions of the rice producers; the Memorandum of Understanding on the procedures to follow with regards to the detention and treatment of fishing vessels and crew members of both countries; the Project for the Improvement of the Cold Chain for Non-Traditional and Dairy Sectors; the International Scholarship Program of Fundayacucho that for this year has granted scholarships to a second contingent of young Guyanese students; the Supply of Jet A1 Fuel for aircrafts, which is in the process of being implemented; the supply of 4,000 tons of Urea on a yearly basis.

It is also important to highlight that we are adamant on the establishment of a Joint Venture for the marketing and distribution of gasoline and the building of a gas pipeline from Venezuela-Guyana-Suriname as a contribution to breaking the asymmetries and strengthen the productive trade integration.

The IV Meeting of the High-Level Binational Commission - COBAN should be convened this year in Caracas, a debt of Venezuela that we must settle soon. We have already agreed to sign an "Agreement for the Prevention of the Abuse and the Suppression of Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Precursor Chemicals as well as related offences."

Also, special mention must be made of our Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation - IVCC, for its outstanding work and which today, permanently serves over 1000 Guyanese citizens in its three areas: Academic Development, Cultural Development and Social Development, with the last offering training courses for 460 Guyanese women who are learning a trade to achieve their own income. This Institute is a meeting place for Guyanese, a piece of Venezuela at the service of the people of Guyana.

For all these reasons and many more, we can say without doubt, that this is the best time of bilateral relations between Venezuela and Guyana. A relationship that until recently was marked by contradictions that do not correspond to the best interests of our peoples.


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