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02.13 chavez satelitaAt the farewell ceremony for a group of Venezuelan engineers departing to China to be trained for the second earth observation satellite project, President Hugo Chavez said that the new satellite, Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda, will represent a great leap for Venezuela's independence and technological development.

He further stated that the satellite is expected to contribute to the scientific, human and economic development of Venezuela, Chavez added.

"When we talk about science and technology, we are talking about tools for the comprehensive development of the country," he pointed out.

Jorge Arreaza, The Venezuelan Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, stated that the new Venezuelan satellite for earth observation, technically named the VRSS-1, may be put into orbit between September and October of this year.

"This satellite will allow us to obtain information to give a great amount of happiness to our people" said Arreaza, who explained that the new satellite will optimize the planning of social projects as well as "security and defense, agriculture, health and urban planning".

Arreaza thanked the Government of China for the transference and knowledge in this area and revealed that soon, these observation satellites will be made in Venezuela at a plant, which is currently under construction, located in the Carabobo state.

The first Venezuelan satellite, the Simon Bolívar, was launched in 2008 by the Venezuelan Government, for the first time in the country's history. Among the main functions of that first satellite are telephone services, data transmission and Internet access, particularly for hard-to-reach areas with low population density. The satellite has also helped to strengthen the social programs implemented by President Chávez.


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