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Venezuelans here celebrate nation's 200th independence anniversary

July 6th, 2011

As Venezuela celebrates 200 years of independence from Spain, its nationals and officials in Guyana made certain they were not left out.

On Tuesday, several citizens, officials from the Venezuelan Embassy and even Guyanese laid wreaths at a statue of Simon Bolivar, that country's liberator and one- time president from 1819 to 1830. But there was a second reason to celebration; the healthy return of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez from Cuba after major surgery on Monday.

There was participation from groups such as the Guyana- Venezuela Friendship Society and several Guyanese groups, including those studying at the Venezuelan Institute.

Speaking through an interpreter, Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana Dario Morandy said the struggles continue to ensure true independence is secured. "For us, independence – the struggle for final emancipation – is a social, political and economic process that has not yet concluded, and we have a historical responsibility to conclude this in order to conserve our independence forever."

Meanwhile, Ambassador Morandy said his recovering leader is on 'strict medical rest' after his second surgery to remove cancerous cells. "We are convinced the immense spiritual strength of President Chavez will help him to win the battle for life," the diplomat expressed.

Venezuela was due to host the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on July 5, which was suspended given Chavez's illness.

According to Morandy, the establishment of CELAC is a "huge expression of integration". He believes that participating states are obligated to make full use of the summit to demonstrate their trust in and 'unyielding' support of Hugo Chavez. President Chavez is one of the driving forces behind CELAC, seen as an alternative to the Organisation of American States (OAS). Unlike the OAS, CELAC excludes the U. S. and Canada.

Ambassador Morandy spoke of the relationship Guyana and Venezuela have enjoyed in recent years. According to him, over the last four years, bilateral relations have moved beyond bureaucracy to include the interests of the peoples. He is adamant that the relationship was guided by Chavez.

Morandy said the Venezuelan embassy here is adopting a new type of diplomacy that is people oriented one. As such, they have built and strengthened their relationship with Guyanese.

"Today we can declare with absolute conviction that this is the best moment of the relationship between Guyana and Venezuela, a relationship which a short while ago was influenced by factors contrary to the interest of our people." The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela gained its independence from Spain in July 1811 in a struggle that started in April 1810. This struggle was led by Bolivar, who is seen today as a hero, visionary and liberator. During his lifetime, he also led Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama to independence.


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